Competition Jury


The jury members are experienced in judging competitions. They have earned themselves a name as members of expert committees or they enjoy excellent reputations as consultants.

The jury operates in line with the Florint international judging system. 100 is the highest possible score per workpiece and juror. While making their judgements, the jurors evaluate various parameters, including the technical difficulty of the workpiece.

Jury members:

vallianos  1A

Marios Vallianos (Greece, chairman of the jury)

Linda Johnsen

Linda Johnson (Norway)

DESC: Portrait of Mark Pampling

Mark Pampling (Australia)

Deborah De La Flor

Deborah De La Flor (USA)

Tracy Portrait

Tracy Tomlinson (Great Britain)

björn kroner

Björn Kroner-Salié (Germany)

The controlling body is a technical commission that monitors competitors’ compliance with the tasks, such as the observation of time limits and size specifications and, if necessary, they can deduct points.

Technical committee:

  • Simon Ogrizek (Head of Technical Committee)
  • Michael Kaiser (Blumen Kaiser)
  • Gerda Prinz (FDF / Prinz Blumen)
  • Thomas Ratschker (Floristmeister, Referent)
  • Heike Damke-Holzt (Kreativ Floral Konzept).

In cases of doubt, the leading juror is the decision-making authority.