After the end of the Second World War the city was divided and the freedom of the people on either side of the wall was restricted in various ways. However, everything changed when the wall came down in 1989 and, after 40 years of a divided East and West Germany, Berliners experienced what it meant to suddenly have every opportunity open to them. There is no such thing as ‘a little’ freedom; freedom must always be absolute – 100%. The pursuit of freedom inspires the imagination, breaks through walls and reaches beyond boundaries. This immense power should inspire the entrants of the World Cup 2015 and unlock their artistic potential to achieve world champion status.

The competition consists of preparing three competition tasks as well as performing surprise items.




First competition task: 100% personal

The first World Cup task is all about the personality of the finalists. Free of the compulsion to observe rules or conventions, the individual work pieces should reflect the different facets of their characters.





Second competition task: 100% hand-tied

The second task requires the creation of a revolutionary bouquet that is striking, unique, and never before seen.






Third competition task: 100% organic

Task three relates to freedom by reduction. All of the contestants are required to avoid using any materials that are not recyclable. This is all about creating a 100% organic workpiece that is free of floral foam, wire, or metal.