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Alex Choi from South Korea wins the World Cup of Florists in Berlin

The new World Champion of Florist is Alex Choi from South Korea. After three days of intense competition at the Arena Berlin, Choi eventually prevailed against 25 other contestants from all over the world and convinced the jury with his blooming creations.

Competition among the very best in Berlin

Over the past three days, Germany’s capital Berlin was the venue for the World Cup of Florists. Contestants from 26 nations produced stunning floral designs before a live audience. Sometimes romantically wild, occasionally delicate, and always meticulous—thousands of visitors experienced a rapture of floral fragrance and colour. Representing Germany was the Berlin master florist Jürgen Herold, who secured a place among the top ten finalists.
Award ceremony at the gala event at the Arena Berlin

Just five participants reached the grand finale, which was held live on stage Saturday evening in front of about 1,000 guests from all over the world. TV-star Désirée Nosbusch provided a multilingual moderation of a thrilling and entertaining evening and, at 11 o’clock, was finally able to announce the name of the newly crowned World Champion: Alex Choi. Along with the coveted title he won a cash prize of 15,000 euros.
The results in brief:

A total of 10 of the 26 participants qualified for the semi-finals on Saturday morning (in no particular order):

Sweden, Sofie Danielsson
Turkey, Mehmet Yilmaz
Brazil, Tanus Saab
United Kingdom, Neil Whittaker
Finland, Pirjo Koppi
Netherlands, Martin Groen
Germany, Jürgen Herald;
Japan, Aritaka Nakamura;
South Korea, Alex Choi
Norway, Åslaug Nevstad Hildre

Five contestants reached the live finale (in no particular order):

Turkey, Mehmet Yilmaz Finland, Pirjo Koppi
Japan, Aritaka Nakamura
United Kingdom, Neil Whittaker
South Korea, Alex Choi

The winner of the Fleurop-Interflora World Cup 2015:

World Champion of Florists 2015: Alex Choi from South Korea
2nd place: Neil Whittaker from the United Kingdom
3rd place: Pirjo Koppi from Finland

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