Nataly Bruk Belarus

Name: Nataly Bruk
Country: Belarus
Date of birth: 19.05.1987
Place of residence: Minsk
Title: Florist
Favourite flower: Zantedeschia

Nataly Bruk received the education from the leading master florists, such as Daniel Santamaria, Gil Boyard, Araik Galstyan, Bart Hassam, Moniek Vanden Berge, Stefan Van Berlo and Timo Bolte.

She is currently studying for her Master Florist at Araik Galstyan Moscow International Floral Design School. Nataly Bruk participated in numerous shows in Russia and the CIS with such florist masters as Araik Galstyan and Elly Lin. In 2013 and 2014 she participated in the Annual World Flower Show «THREE OF TOP FLORAL DESIGN».

In December 2014 Nataly Bruk became the owner of the audience award held by INTERFLORA RUSSIA & CIS and ARAIK GALSTYAN MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL DESIGN SCHOOL and won the right to represent Belarus at the Fleurop-Interflora World Cup.

In her work she tries to reflect the inner feelings to emphasize the present. She likes to go beyond the familiar and to make an impression. She thinks every floral piece of art is not only based on technique, creativity and materially but mostly just for touching the emotions of each person. As a creative florist she is pleased by the fact that it allows volumetric transfer all the impression, with combining form, color, texture, line, and the nature.

Nataly Bruk always strive to do more than yesterday, often competing with their previous results. For her the participation in the World Cup is very important, because in addition to access to the world level, she has the opportunity to represent her country. The place where she was born is surrounded by fields and forests, where at any time of the year you can find something interesting, eye-catching. Different textures and linear trees are always provoking mind on fantasy and ideas. As well as the flora of the area.

“The desire to move from observation of nature to be creative in using it I planted from my grandfather, who was inventing and creating incredible works of wood and branches taught to understand the nature and take the most necessary during his life. Challenging myself in other professional fields, I came back to the primary source of its commitment to the beauty and nature. My main idea is to emphasize the pristine beauty of the flora that unites all people on Earth and creates global things that are touching something real within each of us”, says Nataly Bruk

Nataly Bruk is determined in Belarus.