Pirjo Koppi Finland

Name: Pirjo Koppi
Country: Finland
Date of birth: 17th February 1975, Finland
Place of residence: Espoo, Finland
Professional experience:

  • Member of the Year, Finnish Florists` Association 2014
  • Entrepreneurs medal of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises 2014
  • National Certified Judge in Floristry Design
  • FLORINT / Finnish Florists` Association 2014
  • Florist of the Year, Finnish Florists` Association 2013
  • International Designer of the Year ,Fusion Flowers, 2010
  • Finnish Champion, 2007
  • International Floral Art Competition, Italy 1 st place 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 (Team Pirjo Koppi & Tiina Koskinen)
  • Silver Mark of Honour, Finnish Florists` Association 2007
  • Finnish Florists` Association’s teacher 2005
  • Grand Deco International Flower Design Competition , Estonia 1 st place, 2004
  • Master florist vocational examination, 2000

Title: Master Florist
Favourite flower: Ornitogalum arabicum


Pirjo Koppi is a passionate spokesperson of floristry. She has done quite a bit in the world of floristry. Pirjo has studied floristry throughout Europe in Flornet education. The field trips included Sweden, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Italy, as well as Finland. Pirjo has also trained herself as a Specialist in Competence-based Qualifications, a teacher in Finnish Florists’ Association and as a National Certified Judge in Floristry Design . The first floral demonstration Pirjo held over 20 years ago and since then she has performed and held workshops in Finland and around the world, in places like Estonia, Canada , Germany ,Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore and Sweden.

Pirjo’s first competition was in 1996 and today she has competed in about 50 competitions. Pirjo has achieved numerous first places, as well as has ranked well in the top.

Pirjo’s designs have been featured in many international magazines and books, such as Stichting Kunstboek Floral Annual Floral Art 14/15, 12/13, 10/11, 08/09 and My Generation, 2008/ SODO Publishing Co.Ltd.

In November 2014, Pirjo’s first book,  ”Beautification With Floral Jewellery”, was published.

”Master Florist Pirjo Koppi”, Pirjo’s own company, started it’s 11th year in floral business this year. Making bespoke floristry by order, giving demonstrations and holding workshops are all part of Pirjo’s business and passion. She also has her own range of floral cards for flower shops. Promoting and selling her new book keeps Pirjo busy.

Pirjo Koppi is determined in Finland by Interflora Suomi r.y.