Jürgen Herold Germany

Name: Jürgen Herold
Country: Germany
Date of birth: 6 April 1983
Place of residence: Berlin
Professional experience:

  •  Since 2009: self-employed as a freelancer florist ‘hand werk floraldesign’
  •  Winner of the german championship of floristry 2012/13
  •  Winner of the Bloom´s Award ´New Faces Of Floral Design´ 2012

Favorite Flower: Seasonal flowers

Characteristics :

Jürgen Herold started his career with a floristic apprenticeship from 1999 to 2002. Then he worked as a journeyman for several years in different shops all over Germany. In 2009 he started his own company, hand werk floraldesign. Why Jürgen Herold became a florist? It was important to him to create something, to transform an idea directly into a product.  It was crucial for his choice to have the opportunity to follow and complete a creative process. At the beginning he was not sure which material he wanted to use. Today Jürgen Herold says about being a florist: “I don’t think that I could have made a better decision.”

Jürgen Herold is determined in Germany by Fleurop AG.