Silvano Erba Italy

Name: Silvano Erba
Date of Birth: 15 July 1956
Place of residence: Cavenago Brianza (Monza Brianza)
Professional experience:

  • Silvano is a florist since 1977
  • Teacher of Federfiori School and technical manager of the register
  • Teacher of the Laboratory of floral art and high school teacher at Federfiori
  • International demonstrations: 1999 Japan, 2008 Guatemala, 2008 Ecuador, 2009 Mexico, 2010 Costa Rica, 2010 Poland, 2012 Germany, 2013Argentina, 2014 Brazil.

Title: Master Floral Art
Favourite flower: Gloriosa


You can definitely say that in the case of Silvano was the fate to choose his work.

Already from the name it would be possible to perceive something (Silvano comes from the Latin “Silvanus” ancient deities of the ‘wood and the forest’, while Erba in Italian means grass) but the turning point came when in 1977 in Milan followed a course for florists instead of his mum, too florist, that day could not attend the event.

From that first touch with the dazzling world of floral art, what looked like a not very stimulating job, turned to Silvano’s lifestyle. Immediately came into contact with a world of scents, colors, shapes that still represent the very essence of his life.

Passion for nature, creativity, desire for professional growth and the pursuit of beauty in its natural form. This is what drives Silvano every day to improve in his work and to convey to his students the same emotions.

What Silvano bring the World Cup will be his passion, experience and personality expressed through his works.

Silvano Erba is determined in Italy by Interflora Italia S.p.A.