Ibragim Chupalaev Kazakhstan

Name:Ibragim Chupalaev
Country: Kazakhstan
Date of birth: 28 September 1963
Place of residence: Grozny

Professional experience: Participant and award winner of national and international contests, festivals and championships. Leading specialist, author of floristic decorations and arrangements, expert-adviser of ball and sports protocol projects of high level, such as balls in Kremlin, inauguration of President of Chechen Republic, international sports competitions. Organizer of shows, floral demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions. Author of floral collections for beauty shows and professional meetings. Member of INTERFLORA since 2012.
Title: Florist-designer. Head (Main) florist of Chechen Republic. Holder of honor award “Master of Beauty”, the highest award of Russia in the sphere of floristic.

Favorite flowers: As people say, our children are flowers of life, then flowers are my life. And every flower has its own beauty.


  • 2014 Russia, Moscow –   INTERFLORA RUSSIA CUP – 9th place
  • 2014 Japan, Tokyo – VIth Floristic Symposium in Asia – 13th place
  • 2013 Russia, Moscow – decoration of Kremlin ceremonial ball in the State Kremlin Palace
  • 2013 Japan, Tokyo – Championship of Japan in floristic
  • 2013 South Korea, Seoul – Championship of South Korea in floristic. Honored visitor
  • 2013 Russia, Kazan – Contest Bunch of Universiade, Winner in the category “Innovations and new view of traditions ”
  • 2013 Russia, Kazan – Universiade in Kazan, decoration of award places of sports objects and of opening and closing ceremonies of Universiade at Kazan-Arena
  • 2012 Japan, Tokio – 5th Contest “Floristic Simposium in Asia” – 18th place
  • 2012 Russia, Moscow – award winner of contest “Olympic bunch” at All-Russian florist forum
  • 2012 Russia, Piatigorsk – Contest “Couturier -2012” under the guidance of Viacheslav Zaytsev. Member of Jury. Defile-show of flower collection.
  • 2009-2012 Russia, Moscow – Decoration of Viennese Ball in Moscow. Winner of the contest “Bunch of flowers for debutantes of IX Viennese Ball in Moscow” Author of flower decoration of frontage of Gostinniy Dvor and Bolshoy Manezh in Moscow
  • 2011 Ukraine, Feodosiya – co-organizer of Consulting session of International flower festival “Revival of the Legend”. Demonstration of flower dresses “Four seasons”
  • 2011 Russia, Moscow – Project “Flowers of palace interior environment” – reconstruction of historic flower decoration in cooperation with Ostankino museum, member of Russian- Austrian florist team
  • 2011 USA, Boston – International florist contest “10th World floristic show “Boston -2011”. 1st place in section “Seasons” and special prizes World Flower Show – “The best pattern” and “The best leaf ornament”
  • 2010 China, Shanghai – visitor of 13th world championship in Shanghai
  • 2010 Ukraine, Feodosiya – Created collection “Antique goddesses in flowers” and Show of the collection at Beauty contest “Queen of the Crimea-East”
  • 2008 Russia, Moscow – the First Flower Olympiad (Red Square) – 2nd place
  • 2008 Russia, Kazan – Flower Festival in Kazan – Award winner of contest program
  • 2006 Russia, Moscow – Festival “Golden bunches of Rus”. Award winner of contest program “Flowers of the World”, special prize “Chrystal rose”

Professional characteristics:

Ibragim Chupalaev holds two diplomas of higher education – historical and juridical. Ibragim received additional professional education – florist – designer studying the knowledge and art of floristic skills at leading floristic schools and workshops of the best florists in the world.

Ibragim Chupalaev is the organizer and a head of the greenhouse facility for growing flowers and flower shop “Rose Valley” which sells flowers and provides floristic services. As a Head (Main) florist of Chechen Republic Ibragim fulfills (executes) floristic decoration of the official events of the President and the Government of Chechen Republic.

He has unique working experience in very different formats. The significant specialty of his projects is that he can easily comply the specified conception and, at this, will preserve full personality, as well as his ability to work with dimensions, extension, ability to use different techniques to create compositions, knowledge of specifics of flowers and plants, used in compositions. The team under command of Ibragim Chupalaev can create beauty, special solemnity of ceremonies and special feeling of a holiday.