Alex Choi South Korea

Name: Alex Choi
Country: Korea
Date of birth: 13 March 1970
Place of residence: Seoul
Professional experience:

  • 2002: Winner Korea Flower Desgin Association Competition
  • 2005: Local Skills competiton Gold Medal
  • 2006: WFC Demonstration (Canada)
  • 2007: Local Skills competiton Gold Medal
  • 2008: Local Skills competiton Silver Medal
    43th National skills competition Silver Medal
    Winner 6th International FDSS Cup Floral Designing Competition
  • 2009: Winner 10th Korea Cup Competition
    Demonstration skills
  • 2010: Winner 11th Korea Cup Competition
    Golden Medal “Floral Window Display” Singapore Garden Festival
  • 2011: The 5th China International Orchid Show
    Golden Medal “Pot Flower Design Competition”
  • 2012: Silver Medal “Floral Window Display” Singapore Garden Festival
    Winner Korea Floristry Skills Competition
    Winner 14th Korea Floristry Skills Competition
    Demo in Japan (Fukoka, Osaka)
  • 2013: Exhibiton & Demonstration “Putrajaya floria 2013” in Malaysia
    Demonstration in Osaka, Japan
  • 2014: Demonstration in Japan (Miyazaki)
    Asia Cup 2014 – representive Korea Competitor

Favourite flower: Orchid


Alex Choi has spent 20 years working as a florist. He began with indoor gardening and has been teaching for seven years. Most recently he has gained many experiences with floral design competitions and exhibitions. Alex Choi loves to express the work of modern nature. He believes in the inspiration of nature – it is the best guide that leads through the path of life.