Mehmet Yilmaz Turkey

Name: Mehmet Yilmaz
Country: Turkey
Date of birth: 12.08.1977
Place of residence: Badneuenahr Germany
Title: Florist
Favourite flower: Tacca

Mehmet Yilmaz was born in Nizip/Gaziantep Turkey. When his father left to Germany to work in the seventies, his sister and Mehmet Yilmaz followed him a few years later. As a young boy Mehmet Yilmaz went to the Lersch-Family-Nursery in Bad Neuenahr. He helped Mr Lersch senior in the garden for several hours a week, for a couple of years. After leaving school Mehmet Yilmaz started his education of being a florist (which at that time was very unusual for a boy of his oriental upbringing, culturally very unexpected from his family). Mehmet Yilmaz started at Gregor H. Lerschs Floriststore and Workrooms in Bad Neuenahr and visied the Junior professional School in Koblenz.

After three years of education Mehmet Yilmaz absolved the examination to be a professional Florist. After this important step he went to Cologne to work for a couple of years in well reputated shops in the city (Blumen Berthold Müller, Blumen Jahn, Floristik Rosinsky and finally as a Department Floristry Manager in the Heinen_Brother Gardens in Cologne-Junkersdorf).

Mehmet Yilmaz participated in several prominent events with Gregor Lersch and competed in Salamanca in Spain for Turkey in the European Cup of Floristry. Mehmet Yilmaz also worked in projects for the German Marketing Bureau for Agricultur CMA in Bonn, IPM Essen and also in many Symposiums and Demonstrations via the Bad Neuenahr Base. Mehmet Yilmaz has experience in large Room-Decor, Fotostyling and much more, to mention “Sidewings” of his Portfolio.

In 2011 he took over the Lersch Flowerbusiness and Gardens in Bad Neuenahr.

Mehmet Yilmaz about his participation at the Fleurop-Interflora World Cup: “I represent Turkey as the country of one of my roots where i was always very connected to. I am grateful and proud of this two wellsprings of my origin: Turkey and Germany. I feel very connected to both countries.”

Mehmet Yilmaz is determined in Turkey by Interflora Turkey.